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Holmes Landscape Company, based in Oceanside, CA, provides professional landscape maintenance, tree care services, and landscape design services to homeowner associations and commercial businesses in San Diego and North County.

If you are searching for any of the following:

  • Homeowners Association (HOA) landscape maintenance company
  • Commercial property landscape maintenance company
  • Landscape design and installation contractor
  • Full service tree & shrub maintenance company
  • Certified consulting arborist

Look no further!

Landscape Maintenance News & Articles

“Putting Our Best Foot Forward”

Everyone wants to be a part of the Green Movement and we are committed to doing our part.  Through innovative technologies and working closely within the UCSD extension program we hope to bring about … More

Selecting A Landscaper: Ten Questions To Ask A Prospective Contractor

Holmes Landscape Company encourages neighborhoods looking for a landscape maintenance contractor to be careful when making their choice. Here are ten questions that should be asked of any landscaping … More

Irrigation Monitoring

We do weekly water meter readings for each of our customers, then set irrigation run times based on actual water usage and the environmental factors that impact the amount of water available for … More

Irrigation Injector

For the last couple of years we have been using irrigation injector systems to introduce landscape chemicals (fertilizers, soil amendments, etc.) directly into irrigation mainlines. This technique … More

Solutions to Common Landscape Pests

Giant White Fly Most of us have seen white flies flying about and have discovered their fine, white spun nests on the undersides of leaves. This is a common pest that has infested our landscapes over … More

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